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OPMI Lumera 700

French Hospital Medical Center has acquired the latest ophthalmic surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss Meditec, a world-leading medical technology company. The most advanced surgical microscope available in the ophthalmic industry today, the new OPMI LUMERA 700 provides significantly greater clarity and depth perception during cataract surgery to help doctors deliver the best post-cataract surgery outcomes possible.

Compared to conventional microscopes the OPMI LUMERA 700 features a proprietary illumination system, called Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI), which sends two parallel beams of light down the pathway of each eye. This eliminates corneal flashback and provides a crisp, stable image that reveals objects and nuances in the eye that could not be viewed previously in real time during surgery.

SCI greatly enhances contrast and improved depth perception, thus enabling surgeons to more easily identify and distinguish subtle anatomical structures of the eye, such as the cornea epithelium and fine folds in the posterior lens capsule.

"French Hospital Medical Center is committed to investing in technologies that will allow us to provide the best possible outcomes to our patients," said Ophthalmologist Larry Baldwin, M.D. Dr. Baldwin adds, "This new microscope provides me with an exceptionally clear, steady image, and the power to see through even the cloudiest cataracts so that I can achieve the best outcomes for my patients."

Ophthalmologist William Gealy, M.D. adds, “In surgery today, ophthalmologists are able to provide patients with better vision and faster recovery times than ever before due to advances in surgical technique, new intraocular lens options and innovative technologies.”

In addition to SCI technology, the OPMI LUMERA is the first microscope of its kind to provide specific features  to enhance workflow processes within the practice, such as:

- Ergonomic and intuitive wireless foot controls that allow for fluid hands-free operation of the system.

- A second, independently-controlled microscope through which an assistant or trainee can view the surgery; and a central information and control terminal with touch screen for a "paperless" operating room.

- A high-definition video monitor that shows the surgery in real time in incredible detail, providing the entire surgical team with a reliable source of information throughout the procedure.

"The OPMI LUMERA 700 microscope is practical and intuitive and gives me hands-free control of the surgical microscope so I can keep my hands in the surgical field and on my instruments, ensuring surgical continuity," says Ophthalmologist Frank Basich, MD. "The entire surgical staff can view every step of the surgery in real time on the large, integrated video screen and assist me quickly and efficiently – the benefits of a well-synchronized surgical team are immeasurable,” adds Dr. Basich.

The OPMI LUMERA 700 can also be used in retina and glaucoma surgical procedures, including: vitrectomy, photocoagulation and membrane peel (retina); trabeculectomy and drainage implant surgery (glaucoma). The RESIGHT fundus viewing system allows the surgeon to see the back of the patient’s eye with unparalleled detail and brilliance.

About Cataracts
Cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss in adults over the age of 55 and the leading cause of blindness worldwide.1 By age 80, more than half of Americans has a cataract.2 However, cataracts are highly treatable: cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States, with more than 3 million Americans undergoing cataract surgery each year.3 Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens from the eye and replacing it with an intraocular lens implant.

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