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Cardiac Services

Copeland, Forbes & Rossi Cardiac Care Center

At French Hospital Medical Center, we are proud to have San Luis Obispo County's leading heart care specialists, skilled nurses and technologists, as well as emergency staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, our specialists can accurately diagnose and treat your heart to lead you to a successful recovery from heart disease.

When a heart attack happens, every minute counts . Through ongoing education and analysis of the systems that shorten times to treatment, French Hospital, and its team of cardiac specialists, continually improve the delivery of heart attack care. During the treatment of an acute heart attack, nothing is more important than rapid access to care, rapid diagnosis and rapid treatment to open the closed artery. Many scientific studies have shown that survival rates, severity of heart attack and successful outcomes depend on these critical factors. This paradigm has been coined "the door to balloon time" or D2B.

A national benchmark of less than 90 minutes has been established by the American College of Cardiology, however this goal is only achieved 35%of the time nationwide. "It is remarkable that French Hospital has been able to achieve a door to balloon time of 56 minutes for heart attack patients treated in 2007. The coordination of resources required to attain such a goal during a critical illness is an enormous feat, and is a tribute to the dedication, skill and motivation of the medical and support staff," says Interventional Cardiologist, Robert J. Doria, MD.

George Hoag Family Advanced Hybrid Surgical Suite

French Hospital is proud to announce its newest surgical suite, the George Hoag Family Advanced Surgical Suite . This new space embraces the latest multidisciplinary model of care, using cutting-edge techniques to combine separate fields of care expertise, including cardiac care. This suite will incorporate the existing cath lab with a new operating room for patients needing minimally invasive procedures, as well as open surgeries.

Patients who have open-heart surgeries generally stay in the hospital for about four days, but with this new hybrid operating room, their hospital stay can be reduced to one or two days. These patients will have less pain and a decreased risk of infection. To learn more about the hybrid suite and to take a tour of it click here.

In the future, the suite will empower FHMC to offer transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). TAVR is a breakthrough procedure that allows cardiac specialists to improve the health and extend the lives of severe, formerly inoperable aortic stenosis (AS) patients. TAVR allows cardiac specialists to deliver and place a new aortic valve through a non-invasive incision in the groin rather than cutting through the sternum or stopping the patient’s heart. TAVR was approved by the FDA in 2011.

Cardiac Surgery Video

French Hospital Medical Center Cardiac Surgeons, Dr. Luke Faber, Dr. David Canvasser and Dr. Stephen Freyaldenhoven discuss the steps taken during the cardiac tumor resection and how this surgery differs from other cardiac surgeries performed.

French Hospital Medical Center has had a long-time commitment to a heart healthy community. In 1981, FHMC built the first cardiac catheterization laboratory and performed the first cardiac surgery in San Luis Obispo County. Since that time we have performed well over 5,000 open heart cases. We have also performed nearly 19,000 cardiac catheterization procedures.

For more information call the Cardio Secretaries (805) 542-6238.

Chest Pain Evaluation Center

A chest pain center begins with those on the front lines – the Physician, Nurses, techs and staff in the Emergency Department. With the addition of the Brilliance 64 slice CT scanner, the Signa HD MRI, the C-arm in the Operating Room as well as the tremendous state-of-the-art technology of our Catheterization Laboratories, French Hospital Medical Center added another level of excellence in heart care – a Chest Pain Center. A chest pain center involves a multitude of diagnostic and treatment modalities to rapidly identify and treat heart disease and related illness. "This emerging state of the art technology helps a skilled team of Emergency Medicine Physicians, Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists to work in concert providing university level cardiac care" says former Director of the Emergency Department, Paul Christensen, MD FACEP.

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