Interventional Radiology

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Interventional Radiology

Minimally Invasive Image Guided Procedures


Interventional Radiologists are physicians who are specially trained to perform minimally invasive image-guided surgery. Using guidance, such as ultrasound, CT and fluoroscopy, Interventional Radiologists guide catheters through the vascular system to treat common disease or tumors directly at the source. In general, these procedures are easier for people to tolerate than conventional surgery because of smaller incisions, less pain and shorter hospital stays.

 Partial list of Interventional Radiology services: 

 Angiography  Internal Bleeding Repair
 Peripheral Vascular  Angioplasty
 Carotid Stenting  Renal Artery Angiography
 DVT Thrombolysis  Thrombolysis/Thrombectomy
 Fibroid Artery Embolization  Vascular Access
 Inferior Venacava (IVC) Filters  







For more information call the Cardio Secretaries (805) 542-6238.

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